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From MRS. ANNIE L. Y. ORFF, of Missouri, Alternate Lady Manager.
Chop any kind of meat fine; to one cupful add one cup of chopped
boiled potatoes, three-fourths cup bread crumbs, put one-half cup
milk, one tablespoon butter, a little pepper and salt in a sauce pan
on the stove; when boiling stir in the hash which should be well mixed
together; take from the fire and add one well-beaten egg; heat gem
pans, and grease; put a spoonful of the hash in each, and put in the
oven till nicely browned.

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2 Eggs--2d.

2 lbs. Chops--5.

1 pint Milk--2 1/2d.

3/4 lb. Flour

Salt and Pepper--1/2d.

Total Cost--10d.

Time--One Hour and a Quarter

Break the eggs into a basin, beat in the flour with a fork, then add
gradually the milk, season with a little pepper and salt. Rub some
dripping on a baking dish, pour in the batter, lay in the chops. Put
into a moderate oven and bake for about one hour and a quarter. Serve

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Mutton Chops Or Steaks

Mutton chops, properly speaking, are an expensive affair; but what I

recommend you to buy is, the chump end of the loin of mutton, which is

always to be had much cheaper. This weighs about one pound, at 6d.,

and would cut into about three, or perhaps four steaks or chops; let

these be broiled in the same manner as recommended for beefsteaks.

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Mutton Chops To Stew

Put them in a stewpan, with an onion, and enough cold water to cover

them; when come to a boil, skim and set them over a very slow fire till

tender; perhaps about three quarters of an hour.

Turnips may be boiled with them.

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