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Mutton Cutlets With Onion Sauce

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cut the cutlets very small; trim all round, taking off all the fat; cut

off the long part of the bone; put them into a stewpan, with all the

trimmings that have been cut off, together with one onion cut in slices;

add some parsley, a carrot or two, a pinch of salt, and six

table-spoonfuls of mutton or veal jelly, and let them stew till the

cutlets are of a brown colour all round, but do not let them burn. Take

out the cutlets, drain them in a sieve, and let them cool; then strain

the sauce till it becomes of a fine glaze, and re-warm them. Have ready

some good onion sauce; put it in the middle of the dish; place the

cutlets--eight, if they are small--round it, and serve the glaze with

them; take care it does not touch the onion sauce, but pour it round the

outside part.

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