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(Introductory Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Choose a fine leg of mutton, rub it in daily with a mixture of three
ounces of brown sugar, two ounces of common salt, and half an ounce of
saltpetre, continue this process for a fortnight, then hang it to dry
in wood smoke for ten days longer.

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Cured Mutton Hams


Quarter of a pound bay salt, ditto of common salt, one ounce saltpetre,

four ounces brown sugar, one ounce allspice, four ounces black pepper

(whole), the allspice or one ounce of coriander seed must be bruised not

ground, one quart of water: boil all together a few minutes and rub on

hot. In three weeks the hams will be ready to hang if well rubbed with

the pickle everyday. Sufficient pickle for two.

Other Recipes

Mutton Hams To Make

Cut a hind quarter of mutton like a ham. Take one ounce of saltpetre,

one pound of coarse sugar, and one pound of common salt; mix them

together, and rub the ham well with them. Lay it in a hollow tray with

the skin downward; baste it every day for a fortnight; then roll it in

sawdust, and hang it in wood smoke for a fortnight. Boil and hang it in

a dry place; cut it out in rashers. It does not eat well boiled, but is

delicious broiled.

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