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(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

The flowers are used to garnish salads, the young leaves and flowers

make a lovely salad (See Flower Salad). The young buds and leaves when

tender are made into pickles and are used like capers in sauces, salads

and pickles.

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Nasturtium Pickles

Gather the seeds as soon as the blossoms fall, throw them into cold salt

water for two days, at the end of that time cover them with cold

vinegar, and when all the seed is gathered and so prepared, turn over

them fresh boiling hot vinegar plain or spiced with cloves, cinnamon,

mace, pepper, broken nutmeg, bay leaves and horseradish. Cork tightly.

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The seed must be full grown and gathered on a dry day. Let them lie two

or three days in salt and water; take them out, well dry them, and put

them into a jar. Take as much white wine vinegar as will cover them, and

boil it up with mace, sliced ginger, and a few bay leaves, for a quarter

of an hour. Pour the pickle upon the seeds boiling hot. This must be

repeated three days, keeping them covered with a folded cloth. After the

third time, take care to let them be quite cold before you stop them up,

which you must do very close.

Other Recipes

Nasturtium Sandwiches

Cover the bread and butter with nasturtium flowers over night. In making

the sandwiches place at each corner of the slice a flower, so that in

cutting from corner to corner you have a little triangular sandwich

holding a nasturtium flower uncut.

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