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(Fresh Fruits And Compote) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take some white meat of a turkey, cut up fine, cut up a few pickles the
same way, a few beets, one or two carrots, a few potatoes (the carrots
and potatoes must be parboiled), also a few stalks of asparagus; chop up
a bunch of crisp, white celery; a whole celery root (parboiled),
sprinkle all with fine salt and pour a mayonnaise dressing over it. Line
the salad bowl with lettuce leaves or white cabbage leaves. Add a few
hard-boiled eggs and capers; garnish with sprigs of fresh parsley.
Lay half a dozen or more large salt pickles in water for about six
hours, then drain off all the water. Chop up two sour apples, one large
onion or two small ones, chop the pickles and mix all thoroughly in a
bowl and sprinkle over them a scant half teaspoon of pepper (white) and
a tablespoon of sugar (either white or brown), adding a pinch of salt if
necessary. Pour enough white wine vinegar over all to just cover. Do not
make more at a time than you can use up in a week, as it will not keep
Always select the best fruit, as it is the cheapest, and requires less
sugar; and where every piece of fruit or every berry is perfect, there
is no waste. Raspberries are apt to harbor worms and therefore the
freshly picked berries are safest.

Other Recipes

Neapolitan Salad.

Singe and clean a fat turkey. Season well with salt and pepper. Chop
the giblets; add some chopped veal and pork, 1 onion, 2 cloves of
garlic and parsley chopped, salt and pepper. Mix with 2 eggs and stuff
the turkey. Put in the dripping-pan with some hot water. Dredge with
flour; let bake until done. Baste often with the sauce. Serve the
turkey with the dressing. Garnish with boiled beets sliced thin.

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