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(Frozen Desserts) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Put on one-half pound of shelled and skinned chestnuts in cold water,
and let them boil until very tender, then press them through a purée
sieve. Beat the yolks of five eggs with one-half pound of sugar until
light, then add the mashed chestnuts, then stir in one pint of sweet
cream. Put on to boil in a double boiler, add a few grains of salt, and
stir until the mixture begins to boil, then remove at once from fire and
set aside to cool. In a bowl put one-fourth pound of crystallized
cherries, cut in half; one-fourth pound of crystallized pineapple cut
up, one ounce of citron cut fine, one-fourth cup of stoned raisins and
one-half cup of maraschino cordial. Put the chestnut cream in a freezer,
freeze ten minutes, then add one pint cream that has been whipped stiff
with two tablespoons of powdered sugar, turn until it begins to get
stiff, then add the fruits and turn awhile longer. Pack in a
pudding-mold in rock salt and ice two hours.

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1 quart of cream
1 cupful of granulated sugar
1 tablespoonful of vanilla
1 pint of strawberry water ice
Yolks of six eggs
Put half the cream over the fire in a double boiler. Beat the yolks and
sugar together until light, add them to the boiling cream, and cook and
stir for one minute until it begins to thicken. Take from the fire, add the
remaining pint of cream and the vanilla, and stand aside until very cold.
Freeze, and pack into a round or melon mold, leaving a well in the centre.
Fill this well with Strawberry Water Ice that has been frozen an hour
before, and cover it with some of the pudding mixture that you have left in
the freezer. Fasten the lid, bind the seam with a piece of muslin dipped in
suet or paraffin, and pack in salt and ice to stand for not less than two
hours, four is better. Serve with Montrose Sauce poured around it.
This will serve twelve persons.

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1 pint of Spanish chestnuts
1/2 pound of sugar
1 pint of boiling water
1/2 pint of shelled almonds
1 pound of French candied fruit, mixed
1 pint of heavy cream
1/4 pound of candied pineapple
Yolks of six eggs
Shell the chestnuts, scald and remove the brown skins, cover with boiling
water and boil until they are tender, not too soft, and press them through
a sieve. Shell, blanch and pound the almonds. Cut the fruit into tiny
pieces. Put the sugar and water in a saucepan, stir until the sugar is
dissolved, wipe down the sides of the pan, and boil without stirring until
the syrup forms a soft ball when dropped into ice water. Beat the yolks of
the eggs until very light, add them to the boiling syrup, and stir over
the fire until the mixture again boils; take it from the fire, and with an
ordinary egg beater, whisk the mixture until it is cold and thick as sponge
cake batter. Add the fruit, the chestnuts, almond paste, a teaspoonful of
vanilla and, if you use it, four tablespoonfuls of sherry. Turn the mixture
into the freezer, and, when it is frozen, stir in the cream whipped to a
stiff froth. The mixture may now be repacked in the can, or it may be put
into small molds or one large mold, and repacked for ripening.
If packed in a large mold, this will serve fifteen persons; in the small
molds or paper cases, it will serve eighteen persons.

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