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No 146 Beccaccini alla Diplomatica (Snipe)

(Sauces) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste For Italian Dishes)

Ingredients: Snipe, ham, larding bacon, herbs, Marsala, croutons,
truffles, cocks' combs, mushrooms, sweetbread, tongue.
Truss fourteen snipe and cook them in a mirepoix made with plenty
of ham, fat bacon, herbs, and a wine glass of Marsala. When they
are cooked pour off the sauce, skim off the grease and reduce it.
Take the two smallest snipe and make a forcemeat of them by
pounding them in a mortar with the livers of all the snipe, then
dilute this with reduced Espagnole sauce (No. 1) and add it to the
first sauce. Cut twelve croutons of bread just large enough to
hold a snipe each, and fry them in butter. Add some chopped herbs
and truffles to the forcemeat, spread it on the croutons, and on
each place a snipe and cover it with a bit of fat bacon and
buttered paper. Put them in a moderate oven for a few minutes,
arrange them on a dish, and pour some of their own sauce over them.
Garnish the spaces between the croutons with white cocks' combs,
mushrooms, and truffles. The truffles should be scooped out and
filled with a little stuffing of sweetbread, tongue, and truffles
mixed with a little of the sauce of the snipe. Serve the rest of
the sauce in a sauce-boat.

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