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No 68 Salmone alla Farnese (Salmon)

(Sauces) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste For Italian Dishes)

Ingredients: Salmon, oil, lemon juice, thyme, salt, pepper,
nutmeg, mayonnaise sauce, lobster butter, gelatine, Velute sauce,
olives, anchovy butter, white truffles, mushrooms in oil, crayfish.
Boil a piece of salmon, and when cold cut it into fillets and
marinate them for two hours in oil, lemon juice, salt, thyme
pepper, and nutmeg. Then make a good mayonnaise and add to it some
lobster butter mixed with a little dissolved gelatine and Velute
sauce (No. 2). Wipe the fillets and arrange them in a circle on a
dish, and pour the mayonnaise over them. Then decorate the border
of the dish with aspic jelly, and in the centre put some stoned
Spanish olives stuffed with anchovy butter, truffles, mushrooms in
oil, and crayfish tails.

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