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No 73 Stufato alla Florentina (Stewed Beef)

(Sauces) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste For Italian Dishes)

Ingredients: Beef, mutton, or veal, onions, rosemary, Burgundy,
tomatoes, stock, potatoes, butter, garlic.
Cut up an onion and three leaves of rosemary, fry them slightly in
an ounce of butter, then add meat (beef, mutton, or veal), cut into
fair-sized pieces, salt it and fry it a little, then pour half a
glass of Burgundy over it, and add two tablespoonsful of tomato
conserve, or better still, fresh tomatoes in a puree. Cover up the
stewpan and cook gently, stir occasionally, and add some stock if
the stew gets too dry. If you like to add potatoes, cut them up,
put them in the stewpan an hour before serving, and cook them with
the meat. A clove of garlic with one cut may be added for five

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