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No 77 Manzo Marinato Arrosto (Marinated Beef)

(Sauces) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste For Italian Dishes)

Ingredients: Beef, salt, larding bacon, Burgundy, vinegar, spices,
herbs, flour.
Beat a piece of rump steak, or fillet to make it tender; sprinkle
it well with salt and some chopped herbs, and leave it for an hour;
then lard it and marinate it as follows: Half a pint of red wine
(Australian Harvest Burgundy is best), half a glass of vinegar, a
pinch of spice, and a bouquet of herbs; leave it in this for
twenty-four hours then take it out, drain it well sprinkle it with
flour, and roast it for twenty minutes before a clear fire, braize
it till quite tender, then press and glaze it. The thin end of a
sirloin is excellent cooked this way. Serve cold.

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