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No 82 Tenerumi alla Piemontese (Tendons of Veal)

(Sauces) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste For Italian Dishes)

Ingredients: Tendons of veal, fowl forcemeat, truffles, risotto
(No. 190), a cock's comb, tongue.
Tendons of veal are that part of the breast which lies near the
ribs, and forms an opaque gristly substance. Partly braize a fine
bit of this joint, and press it between two plates till cold. Cut
it up into fillets, and on each spread a thin layer of fowl
forcemeat, and decorate with slices of truffle. Put the fillets
into a stewpan, cover them with very good stock, and boil till the
forcemeat and truffles are quite cooked. Prepare a risotto
all'Italiana (No. 190), put it on a dish and decorate it with bits
of red tongue cut into shapes, and in the centre put a whole cooked
truffle and a white cock's comb, both on a silver skewer. Place
the tendons of veal round the dish. Add a good Espagnole sauce
(No. 1) and serve.
If you like, leave out the risotto and serve the veal with
Espagnole sauce mixed with cooked peas and chopped truffle.

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