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(Mehlspeise (flour Foods)) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Make the quantity of noodles desired, then boil. When done, drain
through colander, pouring cold water over the noodles.
When all the water has drained off, beat up three eggs in a large bowl,
mix the noodles with the beaten eggs. Grease an iron pudding dish with
plenty of goose grease or drippings, put in a layer of noodles, then
sprinkle one-fourth cup of sugar, some pounded almonds, the grated peel
of one lemon and a few raisins; sprinkle some melted fat over this, then
add another layer of noodles, some more sugar and proceed as with the
other layer until all the noodles are used. Bake two hours. Broad or
fine noodles are equally good for this schalet. If desired, one tart
apple chopped very fine may be added with the almonds.

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