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Norfolk Dumplings

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

Ingredients, two pounds of flour, a pint of milk, a good pinch of salt.

Let all these ingredients be well mixed in a pan, and after dividing the

paste into twelve equal parts, roll these into balls, drop each of them

into a pot half full of boiling water on the fire, and allow the

dumplings to continue boiling rather fast for half-an-hour, at the end

of which time they will be done. They should then be eaten while hot,

with a little butter or dripping, and either sugar, treacle, or salt.

Norfolk dumplings are most excellent things to eke out an insufficient

supply of baked meat for the dinner of a large family of children.

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Norfolk Dumplings

Mix by sifting together one pound of flour, one

teaspoonful of salt, and two of baking-powder, (cost three cents;) make

into a soft dough with one egg, half a pint of milk and a very little

water, (cost four cents,) and drop them by the tablespoonful in the

soup; be careful that the pot does not stop boiling, or the dumplings

will be heavy.

At the end of three quarters of an hour stir together over the fire in a

large sauce-pan one ounce each of butter and flour, (cost two cents,)

and when they are nicely browned, gradually add, and mix with an

egg-whip or large fork, a pint of the boiling soup. Take up the meat and

dumplings on the same dish, strain the soup into the sauce you have just

made, and mix it thoroughly; put a little of it over the meat and

dumplings, and serve the rest in the soup tureen; it is very nice with

small dice of toast in it.

Both dishes make an excellent dinner, at a cost of about twenty-five

cents, including bread.

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