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(Icings And Fillings For Cakes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Mix two cups of brown sugar, two cups of honey, six egg yolks and beat
them thoroughly. Sift together three cups of flour, one-quarter teaspoon
of salt, three teaspoons of ground cinnamon, one-half teaspoon each of
ground cloves, ground nutmeg and allspice, and one and one-half
teaspoons of soda; add one cup of chopped raisins, one-half ounce of
citron cut in small pieces, one-half ounce of candied orange peel cut in
small pieces, one-half pound of almonds coarsely chopped. Beat the
whites of three eggs very stiff and add them last. Pour the dough to the
depth of about half an inch into well-buttered tins and bake in a slow
oven for one-half hour.

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