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Oatmeal And Peas

(Peas, Beans, Lentils, And Maize.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Cut quarter of a pound of fat pork or bacon, (cost

four cents,) into pieces half an inch square; put it in the bottom of a

pot with two sliced onions, (cost one cent,) and fry ten minutes without

burning; season with two teaspoonfuls of salt, one of sugar, and one

saltspoonful of pepper; (cost of seasoning one cent;) then add three

quarts of cold water, and one pint of peas, (cost five cents,) and boil

the whole gently until the peas become quite soft; then stir in enough

oatmeal to thicken, about a quarter of a pound, (cost two cents or

less;) simmer for twenty minutes, and then eat hot. It is the healthiest

kind of a meal, and costs thirteen cents, or less.

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