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Oatmeal Nut Loaf

(Vegetables) - (The Suffrage Cook Book)

Oatmeal nut loaf can be served cold in place of meat for Sunday night

tea. Put two cups of water in a sauce pan; when boiling add a cupful of

oatmeal, stirring until thick; then stir in a cupful of peanuts that

have been twice through the grinder, two tablespoons of salt, half a

teaspoon of butter, and pack into a tin bucket with a tight fitting lid

and steam for two hours; slice down when cold. This will keep several

days if left in the covered tin and kept in a cool place. A delicious

sandwich filling can be made from chopped raisins and nuts mixed with a

little orange or lemon juice. Cooked prunes may be used instead of


Rastus: "So you wife am one of dem Suffragettes?

Why don't yo show her de evil ob sech pernicious

doctrine by telling her her place am beside de


Sambo: "Huh! She dun shoot back sayin' dat if it

wasn't foh her takin' in washin' dere wouldn't be

any fireside."--Puck.

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