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Oatmeal Pudding

(Desserts.) - (A Poetical Cook-book)

Of oats decorticated take two pounds,

And of new milk enough the same to drown;

Of raisins of the sun, stoned, ounces eight;

Of currants, cleanly picked, an equal weight;

Of suet, finely sliced, an ounce at least;

And six eggs, newly taken from the nest:

Season this mixture well with salt and spice;

'Twill make a pudding far exceeding rice;

And you may safely feed on it like farmers,

For the recipe is learned Dr. Harmer's.

Other Recipes

Oatmeal Pudding

Steep oatmeal all night in milk; in the morning pour away the milk, and

put some cream, beaten spice, currants, a little sugar if you like it;

if not, salt, and as many eggs as you think proper. Stir it well

together; boil it thoroughly, and serve with butter and sugar.

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