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Olive Pie

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Two pounds of leg of veal, the lean, with the skin taken out, one pound

of beef suet, both shred very small and beaten; then put them together;

add half a pound of currants and half a pound of raisins stoned, half a

pound of sugar, eight eggs and the whites of four, thyme, sweet

marjoram, winter savory, and parsley, a handful of each. Mix all these

together, and make it up in balls. When you put them in the pie, put

butter between the top and bottom. Take as much suet as meat; when it is

baked, put in a little white wine.

Other Recipes

Veal Olive Pie

Make your olives as directed in the receipt for making olives; put them

into a crust; fill the pie with water: when baked, pour in some good

gravy, boiled and thickened with a little good cream and flour boiled

together. These ingredients make an excellent pie.

Other Recipes

Beef Olive Pie

Make your olives as you would common beef olives; put them into puff

paste, top and bottom; fill the pie with water, when baked, pour in some

good rich gravy.

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