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Onion Sauce

(Sauces) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Boil three good sized onions, one hour. Drain and put in a stewpan
with one-half pint of milk and one teaspoonful of salt. Simmer for
fifteen minutes, then rub through a sieve and put back in the pan with
one-half pint of cream and one ounce of butter.
Simmer ten minutes and serve very hot.

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Slice finely, and brown in a little oil, two or three onions; put them
in a little beef gravy, and add cayenne pepper, salt, and the juice of
a lemon. This is a nice sauce for steaks.

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Stew some finely-chopped onions in fat; you may add half a clove of
garlic, cut extremely fine; brown a very little flour in this, season
with salt and pepper and add enough soup stock to thin it.

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3 Small Onions--1/2d.

1 oz. Butter--1d.

Lemon Juice

1/2 pint Milk

1 oz. Bread Crumbs

Pepper and Salt--1 1/2d.

Total Cost--3d.

Time--5 Minutes.

Peel the onions, put them into cold water, and let them boil for a
minute. Strain away the water, cover again with cold water, boil up and
cook till soft; take out the water, chop small. Put the butter and milk
into a saucepan, and when it boils put in the bread crumbs and onions.
Cook slowly for five minutes, season with pepper, salt, and a few drops
of lemon juice, and it is ready to serve.

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Peas With Onion Sauce

(Piselli alla francese)

The following recipe is good for one of fresh peas. Take two young

onions, cut them in half, put some stems of parsley in the middle and

tie them. Then put them into the fire with a piece of butter and when

they are browned, pour over a cup of soup stock. Make it boil and when

the onions are softened rub them through a sieve together with the gravy

that you will then put on the fire with the peas and two whole hearts of

lettuce. Season with salt and pepper and let it simmer. When the peas

are half cooked add another piece of butter dipped in a scant

tablespoonful of flour and pour in some broth, if necessary. Before

sending to the table put in two yolks of eggs dissolved in a little



The following recipe is simpler than the preceding, but not so delicate.

Cut an onion in very thin slices and put it on the fire in a saucepan

with a little butter. When it is well browned add a pinch of flour, mix

and then add according to the quantity, a cup or two of soup stock or

water with bouillon cubes and allow the flour to cook. Put in the peas,

season with salt and pepper and add, when they are half cooked, one or

two whole hearts of lettuce. Let it simmer, seeing that the gravy is not

too thick.

Before serving remove the lettuce.

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Eggs With Onion Sauce

(Uova trippate)

Prepare some hard boiled eggs, shell and cut into disks one third of an

inch thick.

Melt in a saucepan a piece of butter in which brown half an onion cut

into thin slices, to be removed from the butter when browned. Then add

to the butter two teaspoonfuls of flour, mix but don't allow to brown,

thin with a cup of hot broth, add salt and pepper and let simmer for ten

minutes. Put the sliced eggs in the sauce to warm them, stir a little,

but carefully to avoid breaking them, and do not boil again. Just before

serving add to the sauce a teaspoonful of cream and stir carefully.

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Mutton Cutlets With Onion Sauce

Cut the cutlets very small; trim all round, taking off all the fat; cut

off the long part of the bone; put them into a stewpan, with all the

trimmings that have been cut off, together with one onion cut in slices;

add some parsley, a carrot or two, a pinch of salt, and six

table-spoonfuls of mutton or veal jelly, and let them stew till the

cutlets are of a brown colour all round, but do not let them burn. Take

out the cutlets, drain them in a sieve, and let them cool; then strain

the sauce till it becomes of a fine glaze, and re-warm them. Have ready

some good onion sauce; put it in the middle of the dish; place the

cutlets--eight, if they are small--round it, and serve the glaze with

them; take care it does not touch the onion sauce, but pour it round the

outside part.

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Onion Sauce

Let the onions be peeled; boil them in milk and water, and put a turnip

into the pot; change the water twice: pulp them through a colander, or

chop them as you please; then put them into a saucepan, with butter,

cream, a little flour, and some pepper and salt.

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Brown Onion Sauce

Peel and slice the onions, to which put an equal quantity of cucumber or

celery, with an ounce of butter, and set them on a slow fire; turn the

onions till they are highly browned; stir in half an ounce of flour; add

a little broth, pepper, and salt; boil it up for a few minutes; add a

spoonful of claret or port, and some mushroom ketchup. You may sharpen

it with a little lemon-juice. Rub through a tamis.

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