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(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Peel and slice onions under water to keep the volatile oil from the

eyes. A cup of vinegar boiling on the stove modifies the disagreeable

odor of onions cooking. Boil a frying pan in water with wood ashes,

potash, or soda in it to remove the odor and taste of onions. To rub

silver with lemon removes the onion taste from it. Leaves of parsley

eaten like cress with vinegar hide the odor of onions in the breath.

Onions to be eaten raw or cooked will lose their rank flavor if they are

pulled and thrown into salt water an hour before use. Two waters in

boiling accomplish the same purpose.

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Choose all of a size and soak in boiling brine, when cold, drain them
and put them in bottles, and fill up with hot distilled vinegar; if
they are to be _white_, use white wine vinegar; if they are to be
_brown_, use the best distilled vinegar, adding, in both cases, a
little mace, ginger, and whole pepper.

Take off the outside leaves, cut out the stalk, and shred the cabbage
into a cullender, sprinkle with salt, let it remain for twenty-four
hours, then drain it. Put it into jars, and fill up with boiling
vinegar, prepared with the usual spices; if the cabbage is red, a
little cochineal powdered, or a slice or two of beet-root is necessary
to make the pickle a fine colour; if it is white cabbage, add instead,
a little turmeric powder.

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Season the steak with salt and pepper, and dredge with flour. If tough,
chop on both sides with a sharp knife. Lay in a pan of hot fat, when
brown on one side, turn and brown on the other. While the steak is
frying, heat some fat in another fryer and drop in four of five white
onions that have been cut up. Fry crisp but not black. Remove the steak
to a hot platter, stir one tablespoon of flour in the fryer until
smooth, add one-half cup of boiling water. Lay the crisp onions over the
steak, then over all pour the brown gravy.

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Peel the onions and cut off the roots; drop each into cold water as soon
as it is peeled. When all are ready, drain and put in a saucepan well
covered with boiling water, adding a teaspoon of salt for every quart of
water. Boil rapidly for ten minutes with the cover partly off; drain and
return to the fire with fresh water. Simmer until tender; add pepper and
butter and serve, or omit the butter and pepper and pour a cream sauce
over the onions.

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Cut boiled onions into quarters; put them in a baking dish and mix well
with cream sauce; cover with bread crumbs and bits of butter and place
in the oven until the crumbs are browned.

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Take small potatoes, pare and wash them very clean, use one onion to
about ten potatoes, add goose-oil (in fact any kind of drippings from
roast meat will answer) and put them in a pot or spider. When hot cut up
an onion very fine and add to the boiling fat. Then add the potatoes.
Salt and pepper to taste. Pour some water over all, cover up tight and
let them simmer for about 3/4 of an hour.

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Pour hot salt water over the onions, which should be small and perfectly
white. Peel them with a silver spoon (a knife would injure their color),
and let them lay in a salt brine for two days. Then drain the onions and
boil enough vinegar to cover them. Throw the onions in the boiling
vinegar and let them boil only a few minutes. Take from the fire and lay
them in glass jars, with alternate layers of whole white peppercorns and
a few cloves (removing the soft heads, which would turn the onions
black), a stick of horseradish sliced, and mustard seed and dill (used
sparingly). When the jars are filled heat the vinegar and add a cup of
sugar to a gallon of vinegar. Cover the jars to overflowing with the
vinegar, and seal while hot.
Wash thoroughly a peck of green tomatoes, eight large white onions and
six green-bell peppers. Remove the seeds from the peppers. Slice all the
vegetables very thin. Put them in a stone jar; sprinkle a pint of salt
over them, add a pint of cold water. Cover them with a napkin and let
stand overnight.
In the morning put as much of the pickle as it will hold in a colander;
let cold water run over; drain the vegetables a moment, then turn them
from the colander into a large preserving kettle. Repeat the process
till all are in the kettle. Then add a quart of cider vinegar, a half
pint of tarragon vinegar, a pound of granulated sugar, a half pound of
yellow mustard seeds, four bay leaves, an ounce of stick cinnamon
(broken in short lengths), six whole cloves and stand the kettle over a
slow fire and let the whole simmer for an hour with the cover of the
kettle drawn back two inches. Stir the mixture frequently. At the end of
the hour put the pickle in a stone crock or in glass jars.

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Another way of utilizing left-over cold boiled potatoes particularly
relished by "Pennsylvania Germans," whose liking for the humble onion
is proverbial, is to fry onions with potatoes in a fry-pan containing
a couple tablespoonfuls of sweet drippings and butter; when heated
place a half dozen thinly sliced cold boiled potatoes, half the
quantity of thinly sliced raw onions, well seasoned with pepper and
salt, cover and steam for ten or fifteen minutes, when uncover and fry
until light brown; serve at once. Or the thinly-sliced onions, after
skins have been removed, may be sliced thinly across the onion, placed
in a fry-pan and partly covered with boiling water; stand on hot range
and steam, closely covered, about fifteen minutes, or until onions are
tender, then drain off water, should any remain, add a small
tablespoonful of butter, salt and pepper to season, fry quickly a
light brown; pan should be uncovered. Serve at once with liver or
bacon. Onions are considered more wholesome prepared in this manner
than if fried.

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2 lbs. Onion--2d.

1/2 pint Thick Gravy

1/2 pint Water

Pepper and Salt--1d.

Total Cost--3d.

Time--One Hour.

Peel the onions, put them on in cold water, and bring to the boil.
Strain the water off, butter a baking dish, put in the onions, pour in
the water, cover with a plate, and stand in a moderate oven. Stew until
soft, place in a hot dish and pour over them, either a nice
gravy thickened with a little butter and flour, or some plain melted
butter. Serve hot.

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Have a steak well hacked; over this sprinkle pepper, salt, and a
little flour. Into a very hot spider drop one teaspoonful of lard;
when melted, lay in steak; pour over this two tablespoons boiling
water, and cover steak with four good-sized onions, sliced very thin.
Cover quickly and cook five minutes; then turn all over together, and
cook five minutes longer. Care should be taken that the onions do not
turn. Take up on hot platter; place onions on top of meat, and serve

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Peel small white onions, and boil them in milk and water ten minutes;
drain off the milk and water, and pour over the onions scalding spiced

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