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Orange Cream

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Beat the yelks of eight eggs, and the whites of two, to a froth, then

stir in half a pound of powdered white sugar--add half a pint of wine,

and the juice of six fresh oranges, and the juice of one lemon. Flavor

it with orange-flower water--strain it, and set it on a few coals--stir

it till it thickens, then add a piece of butter, of the size of a

nutmeg. When the butter has melted, take it from the fire, continue to

stir it till cool, then fill your glasses with it. Beat up the whites of

the eggs to a froth, and lay the froth on top of the glasses of cream.

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Orange Cream

Squeeze the juice of four oranges to the rind of one; pat it over the

fire with about a pint of cream, and take out the peel before the cream

becomes bitter. Boil the cream, and, when cold, put to it the yolks of

four eggs and the whites of three, beaten and strained, and sugar to

your taste. Scald this, but keep stirring all the time, until of a

proper thickness.

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Orange Cream Frothed

Proceed in the same way as with the lemon, but put no peel in the cream;

merely steep a bit a short time in the juice.

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Imperial Orange Cream

Take a pint of thick sweet cream, and boil it with a little orange-peel.

When it just boils, take it off the fire, and stir it till it is no

hotter than milk from the cow. Have ready the juice of four Seville

oranges and four lemons; strain the juice through a jelly-bag, and

sweeten it well with fine sugar, and a small spoonful of orange-flower

water. Set your dish on the ground, and, your juice being in it, pour

the cream from as great a height as you can, that it may bubble up on

the top of the cream; then set it by for five or six hours before you

use it, if the weather is hot, but in winter it may stand a whole night.

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Orange Cream

Grate the peels of four Seville oranges into a pint of water, then

squeeze the juice into the water. Well beat the yolks of four eggs; put

all together; and sweeten with double-refined sugar. Press the whole

hard through a strong strainer; set it on the fire, and stir it

carefully one way, till it is as thick as cream.

Other Recipes

Orange Cream

Dissolve a pint tablet of Nelson's Orange Tablet Jelly in half-a-pint of

hot water. When cool, mix with it half-a-pint of cream or milk, and whip

together until the cream is on the point of setting.

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