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Orange Fruit Jelly

(On Jelly-making.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

Boil half-a-pound of lump sugar in a gill of water until melted. Stir in

half-an-ounce of Nelson's Gelatine previously soaked in a gill of cold

water; when it is dissolved beat a little, and let it stand until cold.

Rub four lumps of sugar on the peel of two fine oranges, so as to get

the full and delicate flavour; add this sugar with the juice of a lemon

and sufficient orange juice strained to make half-a-pint to the above.

Beat well together, and when on the point of setting, add the fruit of

two oranges prepared as follows: Peel the oranges, cut away all the

white you can without drawing the juice, divide the orange in quarters,

take out seeds and all pith, and cut the quarters into three or four

pieces. Mix these with the jelly, which at once put into a mould,

allowing it to stand a few hours before turning out.

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