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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

This can be made with calf's feet or without. One quart of water will
require one ounce of isinglass, simmer the isinglass in the water,
and add the peel of one lemon and one orange; when the isinglass is
dissolved, add the juice of a lemon and six fine oranges; although the
quantity must vary according to the season for them, sweeten with half
a pound of white sugar; a Seville orange is added if there should not
be much flavor in the others.
Lemon jelly is made in the same way; the peel of a Seville orange and
of a lemon is used, with the juice of five lemons; rather more sugar
will be required with this jelly than with the former.
Punch jelly is made in the same way. An equal quantity of brandy
and rum, with the juice of two or three lemons is mixed with the
isinglass, which is dissolved in one pint of water, the other pint of
liquid being made up by the lemon juice and spirits.
The essence of noyeau is reckoned to give an exquisite flavor, in this
case it requires to be coloured with a few drops of cochineal.

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Take six large, juicy oranges, one lemon, one pound loaf sugar,
one-half ounce gelatine. Dissolve the sugar in one-half pint of
water. Pour one-half pint boiling water over the gelatine, and when
dissolved, strain it. Put the sugar and water on the fire. When it
boils, add the gelatine, the juice of the oranges, and the lemon, with
a little of the peel. Let come to a boil; then strain in molds to

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Soak one box gelatine in half pint cold water until soft, add one cup
boiling water, juice of one lemon, one cup sugar, one pint orange
juice; stir until sugar is dissolved; then strain.

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From MRS. GEORGE A. MUMFORD, of Rhode Island, Alternate Lady Manager.
Five pounds green grapes (wild are best); three pounds sugar; one
pound raisins; one-half pint vinegar; one tablespoonful ground cloves;
one tablespoonful ground allspice; one tablespoonful ground cinnamon.
Stone the grapes and raisins; simmer one hour.

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Orange Jelly Icing

Two oranges, one lemon, one cup of sugar, one cup of water, one

tablespoonful of cornstarch. Grate the rinds, add the juice of oranges

and lemon; mix the cornstarch with a little water, put in a saucepan and

let it come to the boil until thick and clear, stir constantly. When

cool enough spread between cakes.

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Lemon Or Orange Jelly Cake

1 cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 2/3 cup milk, 4 eggs, 3 cups sifted flour,

and 1 heaping teaspoon baking powder. Bake in four layers.

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Orange Jelly No 1

Squeeze the juice of nine or ten China oranges and one Seville orange

through a sieve into an earthen pan, adding a quarter of a pound of

double-refined sugar. Take an ounce and a half, good weight, of the best

isinglass, the peel of seven of the oranges grated, and the bitter

squeezed out through a towel; boil this peel in the isinglass, which

must be put over the fire in about a pint of water just to melt it. Stir

it all the time it is on the fire; strain and pour it to the juice of

the oranges, which boil together for about ten minutes. When you take it

off, strain it again, and put it into moulds.

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Orange Jelly No 2

Set on the fire one ounce of isinglass in a quarter of a pint of warm

water till it is entirely dissolved. Take the juice of nine oranges;

strain off clear half a pint of mountain wine, sweetened with lump sugar

to your taste, and colour it with a very little cochineal. Boil all

together for a few minutes, and strain it through a flannel bag, till it

is quite clear: pour it to the peels, and let it stand till it is a

stiff jelly.

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Orange Jelly No 3

One ounce of isinglass, dissolved in a pint of water, the juice of six

China oranges, a bit of the rind, pared thin, sweetened to the taste,

scalded, and strained. You may scoop the rind and fill the oranges, and,

when cold, halve or quarter them.

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Orange Jelly

Dissolve two ounces of isinglass in a pint of water; add a pint of the

juice of four China oranges, two Seville oranges, and two lemons. Grate

the peel of them all, and sweeten to your palate.

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Orange Jelly

One-half box gelatine dissolved in one-half pint cold water half an

hour; then add half a pint boiling water, place over the steam of a

tea-kettle. When thoroughly dissolved add one cup sugar, the juice of

five oranges and two lemons, and put in a mould in a cool place.

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