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Orange Jelly No 1

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Squeeze the juice of nine or ten China oranges and one Seville orange

through a sieve into an earthen pan, adding a quarter of a pound of

double-refined sugar. Take an ounce and a half, good weight, of the best

isinglass, the peel of seven of the oranges grated, and the bitter

squeezed out through a towel; boil this peel in the isinglass, which

must be put over the fire in about a pint of water just to melt it. Stir

it all the time it is on the fire; strain and pour it to the juice of

the oranges, which boil together for about ten minutes. When you take it

off, strain it again, and put it into moulds.

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