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Orange Marmalade No 2

(Preserves And Jams.) - (The Cookery Blue Book)

4 lemons, 1 dozen oranges, 2 pounds sugar, 1 quart water. Soak oranges

and lemons in water over night, previously slicing them in very thin,

small pieces. Cook till soft. After partially boiled away, put in the

sugar. This quantity makes twelve or fourteen glasses.

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Orange Marmalade No 2

Take six dozen Seville oranges; pare thin three dozen, the other three

rasp thin, and keep the parings and raspings separate. Cut all the six

dozen in halves; squeeze out the juice, but not too hard; scoop out the

pulp with a tea-spoon; pick out the seeds, and keep the pulp. Boil the

skins, changing the water two or three times, to take off the

bitterness, till they are tender enough for a straw to pierce them. When

they are boiled, scoop out and throw away the stringy part; boil the

parings three times in different waters; beat the boiled skins very fine

in a marble mortar; beat the boiled rinds in the same manner. The pulp,

skin, rinds, and juice, must be all weighed, but not yet mixed; for each

pound in the whole take one pound of loaf sugar, which must first be

mixed with a little water, boiled alone, well skimmed, and thoroughly

cleared. The pulp, skins, and juice, must then be put into this syrup,

well mixed, and boiled together for about half an hour; after which put

in the rasped rinds, beaten as above directed, and boil all together for

a short time. Put the marmalade into small pots, and cover with brandy


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