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Orange Paste

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Pick all the meat out of the oranges, and boil the rinds in water till

they are very tender. Cut off all the outside, and beat the pulp in a

mortar till it is very fine. Shred the outside in long thin bits, and

mix it with the meat, when you have taken out all the seeds. To every

pint of juice put half a pint of the pulp, and mix all together. Then

boil up a candy of sugar; put in your paste, and just scald it; add a

good pound of sugar to a pint of the paste; put it into a broad earthen

pan, set it on a stove, let it remain till it candies; skim it off with

a spoon, drop it on glasses to dry, and as, often as it candies keep

skimming it.

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