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Orange Puffs

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Pare off the yellow peel of a large Seville orange, but be careful not

to touch the white; boil it in three several waters to take out the

bitterness; it will require about three hours' boiling. Beat it very

fine in a marble mortar, with four ounces of fine lump sugar, four

ounces of fresh butter, the yolks of six eggs, four good spoonfuls of

sweet thick cream, and one spoonful of orange-flower water. Beat all

these ingredients so well together that you cannot discern a particle of

the orange-peel. Roll out your puff paste as thin as possible, lay it in

pattypans, fill them with the ingredients, but do not cover them. Bake

them in an oven no hotter than for cheesecakes; but for frying you must

make them with crust without butter, and fry them in lard.

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