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Orange Salad

(Colored Salads) - (The Suffrage Cook Book)

Make mayonnaise with much egg yolk in proportion to other ingredients,

and thin with cider vinegar. Dice tender carrots and arrange on lettuce

leaves, dressing with orange mayonnaise.

Animals feed, Men eat, but only intelligent Men

know what to eat. Brillat Savarin.

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Peel and slice up some ripe bananas and oranges, removing the pips from
the oranges, but saving the juice. Take a deep glass dish, lay at the
bottom some bananas, then a layer of oranges. Sprinkle well with sugar,
then some more bananas and oranges and sugar, until all the materials
are used up. Cover and let it stand for an hour, then serve as a sweet.

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7 Orange Salad

Slice 3 sweet oranges, after removing the skin and pith, make a dressing

with 3 tablespoonfuls of olive oil, a tablespoonful of lemon juice, and

a pinch of salt. Serve on lettuce leaves.

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Orange Salad

Peel six oranges, (cost twelve cents,) slice them, place

them in rings in a glass dish, sprinkle them with three ounces of

powdered sugar, (cost two cents,) pour over them a little wine and

brandy, and let them stand over night in a cool place. A good dish full

will cost about twenty cents.

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