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Orange Tart

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take eight Seville oranges; cut them in halves, pick out all the seeds;

then pick out all the orange as free from the white skins as possible.

Take the seeds out of the cores, and boil them till tender and free from

bitter. When done enough, dry them very well from the water, and beat

five of the orange-peels in a marble mortar till quite smooth. Then take

the weight of the oranges in double-refined sugar, beaten fine, and

sifted; mix it with the juice, and pound all well in the mortar; the

peel that was left unbeaten you slice into your tart. You may keep out

as much sugar as will ice the tart. Make the crust for it with twelve

ounces of flour, six ounces of butter, melted in water, and the yolks of

two eggs, well beaten and mixed into your flour. Be sure to prick the

crust well before it goes into the oven.

Half this quantity makes a pretty-sized tart.

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