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(Beverages) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take four large, juicy oranges and six tablespoons of sugar Squeeze the
oranges upon the sugar, add a very little water and let them stand for
fifteen minutes; strain and add shaved ice and water, and a little lemon

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Orangeade Or Orange Drink

Peel off the rind of one orange very thinly without any of the white

pith, and put the rind into a jug, pare off all the white pith from

three oranges so as to lay the pulp of the fruit quite bare, cut them in

slices, take out all the seeds, or, as they are more generally termed,

the pips, as their bitterness would render the drink unpalatable; add

one ounce of sugar, or honey, pour a quart of boiling water to these,

cover up the jug, and allow the orangeade to stand and steep until quite

cold; it may then be given to the patient. This is a cooling beverage,

and may be safely given in cases of fever.

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