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(Receipts For Invalids.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Beat three ounces of almonds with a table-spoonful of orange-flour
water, and one bitter almond; then pour one pint of new milk, and one
pint of water to the paste, and sweeten with sifted white sugar; half
an ounce of gum-arabic is a good addition for those who have a tender

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Take some salt herring, a half for each person, and soak them for a day
in water. Skin them, cut them open lengthwise, take out the backbone, and
put them to soak in vinegar. Then before serving them let them lie for a
few minutes in milk, and putting them on a dish pour over them a good
mayonnaise sauce. [_Mlle. Oclhaye._]

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Sweet almonds with 10 or 12 bitter ones, seven ounces.

Water, one and half pounds.

Granulated sugar, two pounds.

Skin the almonds and grind them very fine, or better pound them in a

mortar, moistening from time to time with orange flower water, of which

you will use about two tablespoonfuls.

When the almonds have been reduced to a paste, dissolve the latter in

one third of the water and filter the juice through a cheese cloth,

squeezing hard. Put the paste, back in the grinder or in the mortar,

grind or pound again, then filter again with another third of the water.

Repeat the same operation for a third time, then put on the fire the

liquid so obtained and just before boiling put the sugar, mix, stir and

boil for about twenty minutes. Let it cool, then bottle and keep in a

cool place. The orgeat does not ferment and the thick liquid may be

diluted in water, half an inch for a whole tumbler of iced water.

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Two quarts of new milk, one ounce of sweet almonds and eighteen bitter,

a large piece of cinnamon, and fine sugar to your taste. Boil these a

quarter of an hour, and then strain. The almonds must be blanched, and

then pounded fine with orange-flower water.

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