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Ox Head Soup

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Bone the head and cut it in pieces; wash it extremely clean from the

blood; set it on the fire in three gallons of water. Put in a dozen

onions, eight turnips, six anchovies, and a bundle of sweet herbs. Let

all stew together very gently, till it is quite tender. Carefully skim

off all the fat as it boils, but do not stir it. Take cabbage lettuce,

celery, chervil, and turnips, all boiled tender and cut small; put them

into the soup, and let them boil all together half an hour.

Other Recipes

Another Ox Head Soup

To half an ox's head put three gallons of water, and boil it three

hours. Clean and cut it small and fine; let it stew for an hour with one

pint of water, which must be put to it boiling; then add the three

gallons boiling.

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