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Oxtail Stew

(Cheap Fish And Meat Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Put two jointed oxtails, (cost about ten cents,) over the

fire in one quart of cold water, and scald them, to remove the strong

flavor; then roll the joints in flour, season them with salt and pepper,

and pack them in an earthen jar, with one onion chopped, and one quart

of potatoes peeled and sliced; the vegetables and seasoning will cost

about five cents; add one pint of water, put on the cover of the jar,

and cement it in place with a paste of flour and water, which you must

grease a little to prevent cracking; then put the jar into a moderately

hot oven, and bake it about four hours. With the addition of bread and

butter it makes a hearty meal, and costs about twenty-two cents.

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