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Oyster Loaves

(Fish.) - (A Poetical Cook-book)

_'Tis no one thing_; it is not fruit, nor root,

Nor poorly limited with head or foot.


Cut off the tops of some small French rolls, take out the crumb, fry

them brown and crisp with clarified butter, then fry some breadcrumbs;

stew the requisite quantity of oysters, bearded and cut in two, in their

liquor, with a little white wine, some gravy, and seasoned with grated

lemon-peel, powdered mace, pepper and salt; add a bit of butter, fill

the rolls with oysters, and serve them with the fried breadcrumbs in a


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Oyster Loaves

Cut out the crumb of three French rolls; lay them before the fire till

they are hot through, turning them often. Melt half a pound of butter;

put some into the loaves; put on their tops, and boil them till they are

buttered quite through. Then take a pint of oysters, stewed with half a

pint of water, one anchovy, a little pepper and salt, a quarter of a

pound of butter, and as much sauce as will make your sauce thick. Give

it a boil. Put as many oysters into your loaves as will go in; pour the

rest of the sauce all over the loaves in the dish in which they are

served up.

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