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Oyster PatÚs

(Fish) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Rub together one ounce of butter and one teaspoonful of flour. Melt
this in a saucepan and add salt, mace and cayenne. Stir gently a few
minutes, until smooth. Then add slowly four tablespoonfuls of cream.
Strain two dozen oysters and add the liquor very slowly, stirring all
the time. When it boils up, put in the oysters, cook three minutes and
fill the patÚ shells. Serve very hot.

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Oyster Pates No 1

Stew the oysters in their own liquor, but do not let them be too much

done; beard them; take a table-spoonful of pickled mushrooms, wash them

in two or three cold waters to get out the vinegar; then cut each

mushroom into four, and fry them in a little butter dusted over with

flour. Take three table-spoonfuls of veal jelly, and two spoonfuls of

cream; let it boil, stirring all the while; add a small bit of butter.

Season with a pinch of salt, and one of cayenne pepper. Throw the

oysters, which you have kept warm in a cloth near the fire, into the

sauce; see that it is all hot; then have the pates ready, fill them with

the oysters and sauce, and put a top on each. When the paste of oyster

pates is done, remove the tops gently and cleanly with a knife; take out

the flaky part of the paste inside and from the inside of the top; cut

six little pieces of bread square so as to fill the inside; lay on the

top of the paste. Then place them on a sheet of paper in a dish, and put

them before the fire, covering them with a cloth to keep them hot. When

you are going to serve them take out the piece of bread, and fill the

pates with the oysters and sauce.

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Oyster Pates No 2

Spread some puff-paste about half an inch thick. Cut out six pieces with

a small tea-cup. Rub a baking sheet over with a brush dipped in water,

and put the pates on it at a little distance from each other. Glaze them

thoroughly with the yolk and white of egg mixed up; open a hole at the

top of each with a small knife; cut six tops of the size of a

crown-piece, and place them lightly on the pates. Let them be baked, and

when done remove the tops, and place the crust on paper till ready to

serve up; then fill them with oysters (as described in the preceding

recipe) put the tops over them, and dish them upon a folded napkin.

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Oyster Pates No 3

Parboil your oysters, and strain them from their liquor, wash the beard,

and cut them in flour. Put them in a stewpan, with an ounce of butter

rolled in flour, half a gill of cream, and a little grated lemon-peel,

if liked. Free the oyster liquor from sediment, reduce it by boiling to

one half; add cayenne pepper and salt. Stir it over the fire, and fill

your pates.

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