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(Pastry Cakes) - (Seventy-five Receipts For Pastry Cakes, And Sweetmeats)

Fruit pies for family use, are generally made with common paste,
allowing three quarters of a pound of butter to a pound and a half
of flour.
Peaches and plums for pies, should be cut in half, and the stones
taken out. Cherries also should be stoned, and red cherries only
should be used for pies.
Apples should be cut into very thin slices, and are much improved
by a little lemon peel. Sweet apples are not good for pies, as
they are very insipid when baked, and seldom get thoroughly done.
If green apples are used, they should first be stewed in as little
water as possible; and made very sweet.
Apples, stewed previous to baking, should not be done till they
break, but only till they are tender. They should then be drained
in a colander, and chopped fine with a knife or the edge of a
In making pies of juicy fruit, it is a good way to set a small
tea-cup on the bottom crust, and lay the fruit all round it. The
juice will collect under the cup, and not run out at the edges or
top of the pie. The fruit should be mixed with a sufficient
quantity of sugar, and piled up in the middle, so as to make the
pie highest in the centre. The upper crust should be pricked with
a fork, or have a slit cut in the middle. The edges should be
nicely crimped with a knife.
Dried peaches, dried apples, and cranberries should be stewed with
a very little water, and allowed to get quite cold before they are
put into the pie. If stewed fruit is put in warm, it will make the
paste heavy.
If your pies are made in the form of shells, or without lids, the
fruit should always be stewed first, or it will not be sufficiently
done, as the shells (which should be of puff paste) must not
bake so long as covered pies.
Shells intended for sweetmeats, must be baked empty, and the fruit
put into them before they go to table.
Fruit pies with lids, should have loaf-sugar grated over them. If
they have been baked the day before, they should be warmed in the
stove, or near the fire, before they are sent to table, to soften
the crust, and make them taste fresh.
Raspberry and apple-pies are much improved by taking off the lid,
and pouring in a little cream just before they go to table.
Replace the lid very carefully.

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For crust make a dough as for baking powder biscuit. Take one quart
of oysters; remove a half dozen good-sized ones into a saucepan; put
the rest into bottom of your baking dish. Add four spoons of milk;
salt to taste, and dot closely with small lumps of butter. Over this
put your crust, about as thick as for chicken pie, and place in oven
to bake until crust is well done. Take the oyster left, add one-half
cup water, some butter, salt and pepper; let this come to a boil;
thicken with flour and milk, and serve as gravy with the pie.

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Make a rich pie crust, and proceed as you would to make any pie with
top crust. Have nice fat oysters and put on a thick layer, with
plenty of lumps of butter; salt and pepper, and sprinkle over cracker
crumbs. Put in the least bit of water, and cover with crust. Bake,
and serve with turkey.

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Oyster Pie Famous

One cup melted butter is put in a lined saucepan, and three tablespoons

of flour which are rubbed well into the butter, one half teaspoon of

mace, a little pepper and salt. The juice of the oysters is put into

this to make it thin, and little by little one quart of boiling milk to

one quart of oysters. Last the oysters are put in very carefully and

given a very short boil. The whole is pretty thick and is then put into

a pie dish with pie crust over; one cup of cream is put in just before

the oysters are emptied into the pie dish.

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Oyster Pie Or Patties


Crust:--One pound of butter, one pound of flour, one half cup of water.

Sauce:--One tablespoonful of butter, two tablespoonfuls of flour, one

cup of cream or milk, one pint of oysters.

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Oyster Pie

Line a deep pie plate with pie crust--fill it with dry pieces of bread,

cover it over with puff paste--bake it till a light brown, either in a

quick oven or bake pan. Have the oysters just stewed by the time the

crust is done--take off the upper crust, remove the pieces of bread,

put in the oysters, season them with salt, pepper, and butter. A little

walnut catsup improves the pie, but is not essential--cover it with the


Other Recipes

Oyster Pie

Beard the oysters; scald and strain them from their liquor, and season

the liquor with pepper, salt, and anchovy, a lump of butter, and bread

crumbs. Boil up to melt the anchovies; then just heat your oysters in

it; put them all together into your pie-dish, and cover them with a


If you put your oysters into a fresh pie, you must cover them at the top

with crisped crumbs of bread; add more to the savouring if you like it.

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