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(Soups.) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1 bottle Oysters--1s.

1 pint of Milk--2 1/2d.

Cornflour and Vegetables

2 quarts Fish Stock--1d.

Total Cost--1 s. 3 1/2 d.

Time--One Hour.

If there is no fish stock, use pot boilings. As this is a white soup a
special saucepan must be used. Put the stock and the liquor from the
bottle of oysters into this stewpan with an onion stuck with six
cloves, 2 dozen white peppercorns, and a fagot of herbs, and boil
together for half an hour, then strain off and return to the saucepan
with the milk. When nearly boiling thicken with a tablespoonful of
cornflour and boil two or three minutes; put in the oysters and simmer
for five minutes. Flavour with a little lemon juice, nutmeg, and salt.
Pour into a warm tureen, and send fried bread to table with it.

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Open the oysters and strain the liquor. Put to the liquor some
grated stale bread, and a little pepper and nutmeg, adding a glass
of white wine. Boil the liquor with these ingredients, and then
pour it scalding hot over the dish of raw oysters. This will cook
them sufficiently.
Have ready some slices of buttered toast with the crust cut off.
When the oysters are done, dip the toast in the liquor, and lay
the pieces round the sides and in the bottom of a deep dish. Pour
the oysters and liquor upon the toast, and send them to table hot.

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From MRS. ALICE B. CASTLEMAN, of Kentucky, Alternate Lady Manager.
Put a veal bone to boil in one quart of water. After skimming it well,
put in one pint of celery cut up very fine, two tablespoonfuls of
rice, one onion, one teaspoonful of celery salt. Let this boil till
reduced to a pint. Take out the meat and pass the soup through a
colander, mashing and extracting as much of the puree as possible,
passing the stock through it two or three times. Boil a quart of milk
separately; rub two tablespoonfuls of flour in a half a cup of butter;
add this to the boiled milk; after cooking it a few minutes, add the
milk to the celery puree and serve at once, mixing milk and puree

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Oyster Soup


One quart boiling water, one quart milk, stir in one teacup rolled

cracker crumbs, season with pepper and salt to taste. When all come to a

boil add one quart of oysters; stir well so as to keep from scorching,

then add a piece of butter size of an egg; let it boil up just once,

then remove from the fire immediately.

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Oyster Soup

Put about fifty oysters in a colander and drain. Pour over them a

pitcher of cold water, and then put them into a hot kettle. Let stand

covered for a few minutes. Add one pint of water. Rub together a

tablespoonful of butter and one of flour; add a little of the soup to

make a smooth paste. Put this with a quart of milk into the soup kettle

with oysters, and stir till it begins to thicken. Add a teaspoonful of

salt, and pepper to taste.

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Oyster Soup

Wet a saucepan with cold water; pour into it two quarts of

milk. When at boiling point, add two dozen oysters and a pint of oyster

liquor well seasoned with salt and pepper. Dissolve a tablespoonful of

rice flour in a little cold milk; finally add a large tablespoonful of

table butter; do not let the soup boil again as it will contract the

oysters. Pour into a tureen, taste for salting, and serve, a few broken

crackers may be added. The object in wetting the pan is to prevent the

milk from burning.

Other Recipes

Mock Oyster Soup

The oyster plant is used for this delicious dish--by many it is known as

salsify. Scrape the vegetable and cut into small pieces with a silver

knife (a steel knife would darken the oyster plant). Cook in just enough

water to keep from burning, and when tender press through a colander and

return to the water in which it was cooked. Add three cups of hot milk

which has been thickened with a little butter and flour and rubbed

together and seasoned with salt and white pepper. A little chopped

parsley may be added before serving. 1/2 cup cream instead of all milk

greatly improves taste.

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French Oyster Soup

1 quart oysters

1 quart milk

1 slice onion

2 blades mace

1/3 cup flour

1/3 cup butter

2 egg yolks

salt and pepper

Clean oysters by pouring over 3/4 cup cold water. Drain, reserve liquor,

add oysters, slightly chopped, heat slowly to boiling point and let

simmer 20 minutes; strain.

Scald milk with onion and mace. Make white sauce and add oyster liquor.

Just before serving add egg yolks, slightly beaten.

Other Recipes

Oyster Soup

Separate the oysters from the liquor, to each quart of the liquor, put a

pint of milk or water, set it on the fire with the oysters. Mix a

heaping table spoonful of flour with a little water, and stir it into

the liquor as soon as it boils. Season it with salt, pepper, and a

little walnut, or butternut vinegar, if you have it, if not, common

vinegar may be substituted. Put in a small lump of butter, and turn it

as soon as it boils up again on to buttered toast, cut into small


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