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Oyster Tenderloins

(Fish) - (The Community Cook Book)

Take out one dozen oysters for the gravy first; then take one pint of

oysters (pour off most of the liquor and save to put in the gravy); one

pint of cracker crumbs rolled but not fine, pepper and salt to taste;

also add a pinch of sage to the crumbs. Roll the oysters in the crumbs

and put in butter the size of an egg. Cut the tenderloins in the center,

roll until flat, then sew together, making a pocket. Stuff with the

oysters and sew up the end. Put butter the size of an egg in a pan and

brown. Pour this on top of the tenderloin, sprinkle over it salt, pepper

and flour. Roast in a moderate oven one and one-half hour. To make the

gravy, pour in the liquor and a little water and thickening. Drop in the

oysters a few minutes before taking off the stove.

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