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Oyster-and-onion Puree

(American Cookery)

Steam one pound of white onions, and when tender sift through a

colander. Cook one quart of oysters in their liquor until the gills

separate; strain, and chop the oysters in a chopping bowl. Return the

liquor to the saucepan, and cook with three tablespoonfuls of flour and

three tablespoonfuls of softened butter, rubbed together, stirring

constantly until well thickened and smooth. Season with one teaspoonful

and one-half of salt and one-half a teaspoonful of pepper. Sift into the

onion-pulp one-fourth a cup of flour, and stir until blended; add

one-fourth a teaspoonful of celery seed and one bayleaf, and mix with

the thickened oyster liquor. Stir until the whole comes to a boil and

the puree is thick as porridge. Add the chopped oysters and one pint of

thin cream, let heat through, and serve with oysterettes, saltines or

other plain crackers.

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