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Palace Cream

(Creams.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

Make a custard of three eggs and a pint-and-a-half of milk sweetened,

when it is ready dissolve in it an ounce of Nelson's Gelatine,

previously soaked in half-a-pint of milk. When made, the quantity of

custard should be fully a pint-and-a-half, otherwise the cream may be

too stiff. When the cream is cool, put a little into a mould, previously

ornamented with glace cherries and little pieces of angelica to

represent leaves. The fruit is all the better if soaked in a little

brandy, as are the cakes, but milk can be used for these last. Put a

portion of two ounces of sponge-cakes and one ounce of ratafias on the

first layer of cream, keeping it well in the centre, and then fill up

the mould with alternate layers of cakes and cream. When turned out, a

little liqueur or any kind of syrup can be poured round the cream.

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