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(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Parsley is the prime favorite of the garnishes. Its pretty curled leaves

are used to decorate fish flesh and fowl and many a vegetable. Either

natural, minced or fried, it is an appetizing addition to many sauces,

soups, dressings and salads.

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Wash and drain a handful of fresh young sprigs of parsley, dry
them with a cloth, place them before the fire on a dish, turn them
frequently, and they will be perfectly crisp in ten minutes.

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When the parsley is prepared as above, fry it in butter or clarified
suet, then drain it on a cloth placed before the fire.

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Pare very thin, medium potatoes as near a size as possible. Have ready a
pot of boiling water, salted, drop in the potatoes and keep them at a
quick boil until tender. Serve with a batter made by beating to a cream
two tablespoons of butter, one-half tablespoon of lemon juice and one
tablespoon of finely minced parsley; add salt and a dash of cayenne
pepper; spread over the hot potatoes, and it will melt into a delicious
dressing. This is especially nice to serve with fish.

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4 or 5 Parsnips

1/2 oz. Flour

1 teaspoonful Parsley--2d.

1 oz. Butter

1 gill Milk

Pepper and Salt--2d.

Total Cost--4d.

Time--One Hour

Scrape and cut up the parsnips (or cold ones will do). If raw, boil
them in water seasoned with salt for three-quarters of an hour. Make
the butter, flour, and milk into a sauce by directions given, and
season nicely. Stir in the parsley, put in the parsnips, bring to the
boil and simmer for ten minutes. Arrange them on a hot dish, pour the
sauce over, and serve.

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The top or flower of parsley only should be used for frying. Pick it
carefully and rub well in a damp cloth, and then in a dry cloth. Put
into a frying basket and plunge into the fat when the fish, or whatever
it is to be served with, has been fried; leave it in not more than one
minute. Turn it on to some kitchen paper and stand for a minute on the
stove to dry; it is then ready.

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Fried Parsley

Wash the parsley very clean, chop fine and fry in butter in the

proportion of one tablespoonful of butter to one pint of minced parsley.

When soft, sprinkle with bread crumbs, moisten with a little water, and

cook ten or fifteen minutes longer. Garnish it with sliced boiled egg.

To be eaten with pigeon.

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Parsley Vinegar

Fill a preserving bottle with parsley leaves, freshly gathered and

washed, and cover with vinegar. Screw down the top and set aside for two

or three weeks. Then strain off the vinegar, add salt and cayenne pepper

to taste, bottle and cork. Use on cold meats, cabbage, etc.

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Parsley Sauce

Chop a handful of parsley and mix it in a stewpan with two ounces of

butter, two ounces of flour, pepper and salt; moisten with half a pint

of water and a table-spoonful of vinegar. Stir the parsley-sauce on the

fire till it boils, and then pour it over the fish, drained free from

water, on its dish.

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Mushrooms Tongue Parsley Pasta Marinate

Cut a few horizontal lines along your cutlets, and on each put a

little veal or fowl forcemeat, to which add in equal quantities chopped

truffles, tongue, mushrooms, and a little parsley. Over this put a thin

layer of pasta marinate, and fry the cutlets on a slow fire.

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Parsley Sauce

1 tablespoon of parsley after chopping.

1/2 pint white sauce.

Take a handful of parsley; and after washing it tie in a bunch and throw

into boiling salted water for two or three minutes, then well drain and

chop very fine. Have ready the sauce, stir in the parsley, and pour into

a hot tureen.

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