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Partridge A La Polonaise

(Game.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Pick and draw a brace of partridges, and put a piece of butter in their

bellies; nut them on the spit, and cover them with slices of bacon, and

over that with paper, and lay them down to a moderate fire. While

roasting, cut same shalots and parsley very small; mix these together,

adding slices of ginger with pepper and salt; take a piece of butter,

and work them up into a stiff paste. When the birds are nearly done,

take them up; gently raise the wings and legs, and under each put a

piece of paste; then hold them tight together, and squeeze over them a

little orange juice and a good deal of zest from the peel. Serve them up

hot with good gravy.

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