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Partridge Pie

(Game.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Bone your partridges, and stuff them with forcemeat, made of breast of

chicken and veal, ham and beef-suet, all chopped very fine, but not

pounded in a mortar, which would spoil it. Season with mace, pepper,

salt, a very little shalot, and lemon-peel. Put the whole into a

stewpan; keep it stirred; add three eggs; have a raised crust, and lay

thin slices of good fat bacon at the bottom and all round.

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Partridge Pie

Truss the partridges the same way as you do a fowl for boiling; then

beat in a mortar some shalots, parsley cut small, the livers of the

birds, and double the quantity of bacon, seasoning them with pepper,

salt, and two blades of mace. When well pounded, put in some fresh

mushrooms. Raise a crust for the pie; cover the bottom with the

seasoning; put in the partridges, but no stuffing, and put in the

remainder of the seasoning between the birds and on the sides; strew

over a little mace, pepper and salt, shalots, fresh mushrooms, a little

bacon beaten very fine; lay a layer of it over them, and put the lid on.

Two hours and a half will bake it, and, when done, take the lid off,

skim off the fat, put a pint of veal gravy, and squeeze in the juice of

an orange.

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