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(Soups.) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1 lb. Split Peas--3d.

2 Onions and 1/4 Head of Celery--1d.

1 oz. Butter or Dripping--1d.

2 Carrots

2 doz. Peppercorns

3 quarts Water--1d.

Total Cost--6d.

Time--Four Hours.

Wash the peas well in cold water, and put them into a saucepan with the
vegetables sliced up, the peppercorns and the water. Bring to the boil
and boil steadily for four hours, then rub through a sieve and return
to the saucepan. Season well with salt, and stir in 1 oz butter or
dripping. Bring to the boil and pour into a warm tureen. Send some
dried mint and fried bread to table with it. This is a very nourishing
soup, particularly if it is made with stock instead of water; it is
very suitable for the cold season.
1 doz. Tomatoes--3d.

1 Vegetable Marrow--2d.

9 Onions

1 oz. Butter

2 doz. Peppercorns

1 teaspoonful Sugar

3 pints Stock


Total Cost--7d.

Time--One Hour.

Peel the vegetable marrow, slice it up, and take out the seeds; slice
up the tomatoes and put them, with the marrow, into the saucepan with
the butter, sugar, salt, and peppercorns; sweat them for five minutes.
Pour over the boiling water or stock, and simmer for one hour. Rub
through a sieve and return to the saucepan. Add more salt, if
necessary, bring it to the boil, pour into a tureen, and serve.

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Take a peck of peas, separate the old from the young, boil the former
till they are quite tender in good stock, then pass them through a
sieve, and return them to the stock, add the young peas, a little
chopped lettuce, small pieces of cucumber fried to a light brown, a
little bit of mint, pepper, and salt; two or three lumps of sugar give
a fine flavor.

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Soak a quart of white peas in water, boil them till soft, in as much
water as will cover them, pass them through a sieve, and add them to
any broth that may be ready, a little piece of _chorissa_ or smoked
beef will improve the flavour; this soup should be served with mint
and fried bread.

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Make your soup stock as usual, adding a pint of washed pea-pods to the
soup. Heat a tablespoon of drippings, put in the peas, with a little
chopped parsley, cover closely and let simmer; keep adding soup stock
when dry. When the peas are tender put into the strained soup. Season
with one teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of sugar, add drop dumplings
to this soup before serving.

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Soak one cup of picked and cleaned dried split peas in cold water over
night, drain, put on with two quarts cold water, a smoked beef-cheek or
any other smoked meat; let boil slowly but steadily four hours or more;
add one-half cup of celery, diced, one small onion cut fine, one
teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of pepper, cook until the meat and
peas are tender. Remove meat when tender. Skim fat off the top of the
soup. Heat one tablespoon of the fat in a frying pan, add one tablespoon
of flour and gradually the rest of the soup. Season to taste and serve
with the smoked meat, adding croutons.

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Soak peas in lukewarm water over night. Use one quart of peas to one
gallon of water. Boil about two hours with the following vegetables: a
few potatoes, a large celery root, a little parsley and a little onion,
a small carrot cut up in cubes and a small clove of garlic. When boiled
down to half the quantity, press all through colander. If soup is too
thin, take a tablespoon of flour blended with a little cold water in a
saucepan and add to the peas already strained. Serve with croutons.

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Cook quarter peck of green peas until very tender, reserve one-half
cup, press the remainder through a sieve with the water in which they
were boiled. Season with salt and pepper. Mix 1 tablespoonful of
flour, 1 tablespoonful of butter with 1 cup of hot milk. Mix flour
smooth with a little cold milk before heating it. Cook all together a
few minutes, then add the one cup of peas reserved. If soup is too
thick add a small quantity of milk or water.

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Put a bone of veal on to cook in water, with four or five potatoes,
according to the quantity desired. When these are tender, pass them
through the tammy and return them to the soup. Chop up the chervil,
adding to it half a dessert-spoonful of cornflour. Quarter of an hour
before serving, put in the chervil, but take the cover off the pot, so
that it remains a good green color. Pepper and salt to be added also.
[_V. Verachtert, Café Appelmans, Anvers._]

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Boil some potatoes and pass them through the sieve, add the asparagus-
tops, with a pat of butter for each four tops; thin the soup with extract
of meat and water, and at the last moment stir in the raw yolks of two
eggs, and a little chopped parsley.
[_Mme. van Praet._]

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From MRS. ISABELLA BEECHER HOOKER, of Connecticut, Lady Manager.
The bones and remains of cold fowls, such as turkey and chicken: or
game, such as partridges, woodcock, etc.; two carrots; two small
onions; one head of celery; one turnip; one-half tea cup pearl barley;
the yolks of three eggs, boiled hard; one-quarter pint of cream; salt
to taste, and two quarts of common stock.
_Mode_--Place the bones and remains of the fowls in the stew pan,
with the vegetables sliced; pour over the stock and simmer for two
hours; skim off all the fat and strain it Wash the barley and boil it
in two waters before adding it to the soup; finish simmering in the
soup, and when the barley is done take out half and pound the other
half with the yolks of the eggs. When well pounded, rub it through a
fine colander, add the cream and the salt, if necessary; let it boil
up once more and serve very hot, putting in the barley that was taken
out first. Time of cooking, 3-1/2 hours. Seasonable from September to
March. Sufficient for eight persons.

Other Recipes

Pea Soup

Use chicken, mutton, or beef broth, or water for a liquor in which to

boil two cups of green peas, add to them one minced onion, one carrot

cut fine, a teaspoonful of chopped parsley, a stalk of celery cut fine,

a bay leaf and two cloves. When the peas are tender, rub all through a

sieve. Return the soup to the pot and add two tablespoonfuls of butter,

a teaspoonful of salt, two well beaten yolks and half a cupful of cream.

Let come to a boil and serve with croutons. Croutons are little squares

of bread hard baked in the oven, or fried in oil or butter.

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