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Pea Soup No 2

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take about three or four pounds of lean beef; cut it in pieces and set

it on the fire in three gallons of water, with nearly one pound of ham,

a small bundle of sweet herbs, another of mint, and forty peppercorns.

Wash a bunch of celery clean, put in the green tops; then add a quart of

split peas. Cover it close, and let the whole boil gently till two parts

out of three are wasted. Strain it off, and work it through a colander;

put it into a clean saucepan with five or six heads of celery, washed

and cut very small; cover it close, and let it stew till reduced to

about three quarts: then cut some fat and lean bacon in dice, fry them

just crisp; do the same by some bread, and put both into the soup.

Season it with salt to your taste. When it is in the terrine, rub a

little dried mint over it. If you chuse it, boil an ox's palate tender,

cut it in dice, and put in, also forcemeat balls.

Other Recipes

Green Pea Soup No 2

Put one quart of old green peas into a gallon of water, with a bunch of

mint, a crust of bread, and two pounds of fresh meat of any sort. When

these have boiled gently for three hours, strain the pulp through a

colander; then fry spinach, lettuce, beet, and green onions, of each a

handful, not too small, in butter, and one pint of green peas, boiled;

pepper and salt. Mix all together, and let them just boil. The spinach

must not be fried brown, but kept green.

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