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(Steamed Puddings) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

In a large mixing bowl whip to a cream two eggs, three tablespoons of
sugar, and two tablespoons of butter. To this, after it is well beaten,
add a saltspoon of salt and half a grated nutmeg. Stir these ingredients
well into the mixture; then stir in a cup of milk. Last add, a little at
a time--stirring it well in to make a smooth batter--a cup and a half of
flour and three-quarters of a cup of Indian meal, which have been sifted
together with three teaspoons of baking-powder in another bowl.
Butter well the inside of a two-quart pudding mold; put a layer of the
pudding batter an inch deep in the mold; cover this with a layer of fine
ripe peaches that have been peeled and cut in quarters or eighths--this
depends upon the size of the peaches. Sprinkle the layer of peaches with
a light layer of sugar; then pour in a layer of batter; then a layer of
peaches. Repeat this process till all the material is in, leaving a
layer of batter on top. Steam for two hours.

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For the dough place in a bowl 1 pint of flour sifted with 2
teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder and a pinch of salt. Cut through
this a scant 1/2 cup of butter. Mix this with sufficient sweet milk to
make a soft dough. Roll out dough half an inch thick, cut in strips
and in case whole, ripe, pared peaches, leaving top and bottom of the
peach exposed. Or solid canned peaches may be used. Put two halves of
peach together and place a strip of dough around the peach. Pinch
dough well together, place in a bake dish. Prepare a syrup of 2 cups
of sugar and 1 cup of water. Let come to a boil, pour around the
dumplings and bake a half hour in a moderately hot oven. These are
delicious. The recipe was given Mary by a friend who was an excellent
cook. From this dough may also be baked excellent biscuits.

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Fill a pudding dish with peaches, cooked and sweetened; pour over them
a batter made of one pint of sweet milk, four eggs, one cup of sugar,
one tablespoon of butter, a little salt, one teaspoon of baking
powder, and two cups of flour. Place in oven, and bake until a rich
brown. Serve with cream.

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Apricot Or Peach Pudding

Butter a pan thoroughly and dust well with cracker flour, and put a row

of apricots or peaches on the bottom of the pan. Take 4 eggs, beaten

together with a cup of powdered sugar. Beat in a pan of boiling water

twenty minutes. Then add 1 cup of flour, 1 lime or some lemon juice, and

1 teaspoon vanilla and a pinch of salt. Put this mixture over the

apricots or peaches, and bake three quarters of an hour.

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