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Peas And Bacon

(Plain Cookery Book For The Working Classes)

Shave off any brown rancid part from the bacon, and put it on to boil in

plenty of cold water; when it is nearly done put in the peas with a good

bunch of mint, and let all boil together until the peas are done soft;

then dish up the peas round the bacon.

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Peas And Bacon

Put one pound of bacon, (cost twelve cents,) to boil in

two and a half quarts of cold water, with one pint of dried peas, (cost

five cents;) when the peas are soft, drain them, press them through a

sieve, lay them neatly on a flat dish, place the bacon on them, and set

them in the oven to brown. Meantime strain any water which may remain

after boiling them, and thicken it over the fire with Indian meal, in

the proportion of four or five tablespoonfuls to each pint, so as to

make it thick enough to cut and fry when cold; boil it about one hour,

and then cool it.

As soon as the peas and bacon are brown, serve them with boiled potatoes

or bread, (about five cents' worth of either;) they make a good dinner,

and with the hasty pudding, cost only about twenty-five cents.

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