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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

1 cup of boiled mashed potatoes.
1 cup sweet milk.
1 cup water in which 1 Fleischman yeast cake was dissolved.
2 cups soft A sugar.
1/2 cup butter and lard mixed.
2 eggs.
A little salt.
About 7 cups of flour.
Cream the sugar, butter and eggs together. Add mashed potatoes, milk
and cup of water containing yeast, alternately with the flour, until
about 7 cups of flour have been used, making a dough as stiff as can
be stirred with a spoon. Stand, covered, in a warm place by the range
until morning. These should be set to rise about nine o'clock in the
evening. The following morning take pieces of the dough, on a
well-floured bake board; roll about one inch thick, to fit in pie
tins, place in pie tins to raise; when doubled in bulk spread with
melted butter and sprinkle sugar thickly over top and bake in a
moderately hot oven until lightly browned on top. This quantity of
dough makes six cakes.
Instead of brushing the cakes with above mixture, place in a bowl 1/2
cup of soft A sugar, 1/2 cup flour, a tiny pinch of salt and baking
powder each and 2 tablespoonfuls of butter (not melted), mix all
together as crumbly as possible, then the crumbs were sprinkled
thickly over tops of cakes, which had been brushed with a mixture of
milk and sugar. Place cakes in oven when raised; bake 20 minutes.
This recipe was given Mary by an old "Bucks County" cook, noted for
the excellence of her raised cakes.

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