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(Pickles And Relishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take one-half peck of green tomatoes, three red peppers, chopped; put in
one cup of salt. Let stand overnight, then strain off the water. Five
chopped onions, one pound of brown sugar, one-quarter ounce of allspice,
and whole cloves put in a bag; one bunch of celery, one-half ounce of
mustard seed. Cover with vinegar and boil three hours.

Other Recipes

Kidneys With Piccalilli Sauce

(Tomoana Brand.)

Take the kidneys out of the gravy, and cut them into six slices. Mix a

small teaspoonful of curry powder with three teaspoonfuls of fine flour

and a small pinch of salt. Dip each slice in this mixture, and when all

are done put them in the frying-pan with a little butter, and let them

get slowly hot through. When done, put the kidneys in the centre of a

hot dish, and pour round them a sauce made as follows: Boil up the gravy

of the kidneys, and stir into it sufficient minced piccalilli pickles to

make it quite thick, add a teaspoonful of flour to a tablespoonful of

the piccalilli vinegar, stir into the sauce, and when all has boiled up

together, pour it round the kidneys.

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