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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Select tart, firm, red or yellow crab-apples, three quarts; remove all
decayed spots but leave the stems. Put three cups of cider vinegar,
three cups of sugar, and one cup of water in preserving kettle; let boil
two minutes, add two tablespoons of cloves and two sticks of cinnamon
broken; these spices must be tied in a bag, and let cook ten minutes.
Lift out carefully with perforated skimmer, put in glass jars. When all
the apples have been cooked, pour over enough syrup to cover; set spice
bag away in a cup. Cover jars and let stand twenty-four hours. Pour off
syrup and boil again. Wait two days, then boil apples, sugar, with spice
bag until apples are tender but firm. Place apples in jars; cover to
keep hot. Boil down syrup a little and fill the jars to overflowing with
the hot syrup and seal.

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